About Us

About us

Wavesorce is at the forefront of technology and service innovation, focused on revolutionizing your home entertainment experience. Our cutting-edge Unified Home Entertainment® hardware not only enables seamless integration of your current apps but also strategically transfers the processing of your television services. This innovation significantly reduces the impact on your TV's hardware performance, ensuring a smoother, more efficient user experience.
Jellybean®, our platform, functions as an intelligent navigator, simplifying your access to both work-related and entertainment content. By integrating your existing services into our easy-to-use system, we enhance your viewing experience, consolidating everything you need into one convenient location. With this approach, Jellybean propels your media engagement to unparalleled heights, all while ensuring your television operates at peak efficiency.
Our family of Unified Home Entertainment solutions are portable compact computer systems engineered to boost your TV's processing power delivering an unparalled, optimal user experience.